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Mon - Thurs      9:00am - 9:00pm
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Saturday         10:00am - 6:00pm
Sunday           10:00am - 4:00pm


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Venetian / Dark

1 Visit (Belly Test Spray)   $10.00  

You will receive a $5.00 0ff coupon for your first full body spray with a Belly Test Spray

1 visit - Full Body  


1 visit - Legs only   $19.00  
5 visits*   $125.00  
10 visits*   $220.00  
1 Year Member   $720.00  
Monthly EFT Member***   $74.99  


Plus Members get 10% off all Spray Tan Skin Care Purchases
All visit packages good for 1 year.
* All visit packages may be shared
** Double Dark is not for all skin types.  It is a strong DHA Bronzer
***EFT membership fees will be deducted monthly from your bank account.  These memberships require
    a 6 month minimum commitment but will continue until cancelled in writing.  See contract for details.
Parental consent is required for customers under 18.  Customers under 16 must be accompanied by a parent to each appointment.
Membership Information
With the Year or the Monthly EFT Memberships the tanner will receive -
   1 spray tan per week until the membership ends (non-transferable, non-accumulating)
   10% off all spray tan related skin care products
   No sign-up Fee
Need to Know about Spray Tanning
- Please call ahead to make an appointment
- A spray tan affects only the top 25% of the skin. As a result, it should last approximately 5 - 7
  days, possibly longer with proper skin care.
- Shower, shave and exfoliate before you come
- Do not apply lotion, perfume, deodorant or make-up between showering and spray tanning.
- Please put your hair up, off your neck.
- You will have a tan line from everything you wear.  We recommend wearing an old bathing suit or
  dark colored undergarments
- Your hair, and whatever you wear during the spray, will get bronzer on it, but it will wash out if
  laundered within a reasonable amount of time.
- Wear something loose-fitting home and for as long as you can after the spray.  Tight clothes
   rubbing on your freshly sprayed skin will affect your results
- Do not sweat and avoid getting wet for 4 hours - DO NOT SHOWER for AT LEAST 8 HOURS
  Do not swim or hot tub for 24 hours - Getting wet prior to these time restrictions can halt the
  spray tan development process and cause streaking.



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