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Our Beds

Our Base units have 28 - 100 watt bulbs and 20 minute maximum session times.

Our Premium Units feature 12 and 15 minute maximum session times for tanning results in less time. Lie down with 32 - 100 watt bulbs plus a 400 watt high pressure facial tanner or stand-up and be completely surrounded by 48 - 160 watt bulbs for a great all around tan.


Our Super Beds feature 10 minute session times for a darker tan in less time! You’ll get great results with 36 - 160 watt reflector bulbs plus 2 High Pressure Facial Tanners.



You’ll get dramatic results in these spacious 10 minute VIP units.  These VIP units feature 42 - 160 watt reflector bulbs plus 8 High Pressure Facial Tanners for a beautiful, bronze full body tan that you will have to see to believe!

For the ultimate VIP treatment, relax for 30 minutes on a comfortable mattress while your body is tanned by 18 - 1000 watt high pressure bulbs!  High Pressure tanning provides color results immediately.  A unique filter system allows the Ultrabronz to filter out most of the UVB rays, using just enough to stimulate the melanin leaving the UVA rays to darken the skin.  Because there are minimal UVB rays, there is minimal risk of burning and your body will remain on its normal 28 day exfoliation schedule so your tan will last longer. Get a base tan in just 3 to 5 visits and maintain that tan in just 2-4 visits a month!






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